Do you know the Health Benefits of Orgasms?

What do you think of when you think Orgasms? Pleasure, euphoria, excitment & fun no doubt. 


We get it, and agree that orgasms are great 😄 But did you know that there are so many other reasons you should be getting busy there under the sheets? Apart from the euphoric and intense pleasure it gives us, here are some other reasons to start having more frequent orgasms. 

  • Reduce stress: Orgasms release endorphins which is a natural chemical which we produce and can help relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety.
  • Promote relaxation:  By easing muscle tension and promoting a calm state of mind.
  • Boost your immunity: Research suggests that orgasms can boost immunity and help fight off infections and diseases.
  • Improve your sleep: Orgasms promote better sleep releasing tension and helping the body to relax.
  • Pain Relief: Again, the endorphin release during an orgasm can help relieve pain.
      Those reasons are a firm YES from us here at Feel Good Kinky 😜…the pleasure and enjoyment is just as good as the emotional and physical benefits, trust us!
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      Overall, it is important we start to break down cultural taboos and stigma associated with talking about sex and orgasms and promote healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences. Say YES to ORGASMS!


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