Bring the Fun back to the Bedroom

Has your sex life become boring and mundane? Honeymoon period long gone?

DO NOT worry, this is completely normal in any relationship.
After a while sex can become repetitive and predictable, which over time can get just plain old boring. Just like anything you need to keep working at it and explore new ways to get that excitement back into the bedroom. Toys can be a great way to add a bit of spice. 🌶️
Never fear, Feel Good Kinky is here…to help YOU bring back the fun to to the bedroom.😋
Here are some ideas you could explore in the bedroom to bring back the excitement to your sex life:
Role-Playing: Explore different fantasies and scenarios by taking on different roles, such as doctor/patient, teacher/student, or boss/employee.
Sensory Play: Engage in sensory play, such as blindfolding, using feathers or ice cubes, or incorporating different textures and temperatures.
Mutual Masturbation: Engage in solo play while watching each other, or masturbate each other at the same time.
Kinky/BDSM: If you and your partner are interested in BDSM perhaps explore some different power dynamics, restraints and sensory play.
Erotic Video: Watch some pornography together to explore different fantasies and desires.
Kinky Fun
So don’t be shy…jump into Feel Good Kinky and see our range, we’ve got loads of kink to help take your relationship to the next level. 🤫
It’s also important to have an open conversation about what you're both interested in trying.
Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, including when it comes to sex…Happy Playing!
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